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Its tradition goes back to the foundation of the first superior technical school in Founded in the actual structure în by prof.

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Vasile Buzuloiu, LAPI has been continuously growing, not only from the memebers point of view but also in terms of activities, becoming an hpv research grants research center of UPB since november The group has a wide research experience based on a solid theoretical approach of multidimensional signal analysis and processing, like the mathematical modelling and the statistical analysis for the signal theory.

This context allowed the hpv research grants of the state of the art solutions with hpv research grants applicability domains: high speed Ethernet architectures Gbpstime-of-flight image hpv research grants and integrated systems for the analysis of real time color images in digital imaging and medical imaging analysis. In the last decade, the average annual value of the research contracts conducted through UPB is estimated at approximately Hpv research grants main contribution of the LAPI-UPB team in this project is to assure the fundamental and applicative research, related to the general framework of the project.

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LAPI-UPB offers the necessary logistics for the the above mentioned research activities research laboratories, access to scientific archives and databases.

P1 - Genetic Lab SRL Genetic Lab was founded in and is involved in the field of genetic diagnostic prenatal and postnatal in Romania, hpv research grants three main activities: molecular biology and immunology, cytogenetic, and prenatal diagnostic.

In the last 12 years the company invested in a state of the art infrastructure with advanced capabilities in the field hpv research grants molecular biology real time PCR, sequencing, in situ fluorescence, cryopreservation, DNA synthesis etc and microbiology pilot scale fermentation.

This infrastructure led to the ability to perform more than tests. Many of these tests were manufactured after extensive researches and implemented in the company portofolio. Other viruses and bacteria PCR detecton kits are in development.

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Also hpv research grants company is involved in large scale sequencing on 4 sequencing equipments and primer production. Genetic Lab was involved in several clinical trials studies with pharmaceutical companies.

The GeneticLab team has the following structure: Dr.

  1. With a staff of 29 permanent scientists and 60 technical support, IVN is one Romanias leading centers in basic biomedical research, medical virology, and virology training.
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Mona Elena Zvanca - research team responsible, Dr. Lorand Savu, Dr.

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