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Papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant. DNMT1 expression in papillary thyroid carcinoma | ECE

You are on page 1of 14 Search inside document Introducere: Citokeratina, p53 i Ki sunt civa dintre markerii propui pentru diferenierea tumorilor tiroidiene benigne de cele maligne.

Material i metode: Am evaluat expresia tisular a celor trei markeri n 60 de leziuni tiroidiene incluznd: 8 cazuri de hiperplazie nodular HN16 adenoame foliculare AF26 carcinoame papilare CP i 10 carcinoame foliculare CF.

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Pentru p53 i Ki rezultatele analizelor statistice nu au fost semnificative pentru nici una dintre perechile comparate. Imunoreactivitatea p53 i Ki nu s-au dovedit papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant n diferenierea CP de HN, rezultatele fiind nesemnificative statistic.

Rata incidenei standardizate la Tumorile nodulare cu arhitectur predominant folicular sunt cele mai frecvete leziuni ale glandei tiroide. Totui, exist situaii cnd anumii nodului tiroidieni au aspecte nucleare subtile sau atenuate, papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant diferena ntre leziunile benigne cum ar fi noduluii circumscrii cu arhitectur folicular i cele maligne este dificil n absena comportamentului agresiv.

Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

CK19 este o citokeratin cu greutate molecular mar, prezent n epiteliile simple sau glandulare i n tumori. Unii autori pretend c la nivelul tiroidei expresia CK19 se limiteaz la cazul carcinoamelor papilare, gsind-I utilizarea n diagnosticul diferenial ntre carcinomul follicular i varianta folicular a carcinomului tiroidian.

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As a result, p53 accumulation can be immunohistochemically IHC detected especially in anaplastic and poorly differentiated thyroid carcinomas and rarely in papillary and follicular well differentiated carcinomas, as well as in medullar carcinomas.

Positive p53 immunoreactivity is an independent prognostic factor for the survival of patients with thyroid cancer. Prior enzymatic predigestion, incubation with diluted primary antibody and visualization with DAB enabled the highlighting of the final reaction product, brown-colored, with membrane and cytoplasmic localization.

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Anti-Ki67 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone MIB-1 Zymed, CA, USA recognizes a cellular proliferation nuclear antigen a pair of proteins with molecular weights of and kDa, respectively expressed in all cell cycle phases, except the G 0 phase. After pretreatment by boiling 60 minutes at 90C in Retrieval solution, tissue sections were stained by incubation with diluted MIB-1 antibody; we obtained a nuclear immunostaining, the final reaction product having a brown color.

We analyzed the expression of p53 protein using anti-p53 mouse monoclonal antibody, clone DO-7 DAKO, Glostrup, Denmarkthat recognizes the wild and mutant form of p53 protein, a 53kDa nuclear phosphoprotein that takes papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant in the regulation of cell cycle, being encoded by paraziti fii pregatit gene.

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According to the result of immunoreaction positive or negativethe studied lesions were then divided into 2 groups: the negative group and the positive group. The results of IHC staining and statistical analysis are presented in Tables 1- 4. CK19 was expressed in 21 Table 1, Figs.

DNMT1 expression in papillary thyroid carcinoma

We observed a positive CK19 staining pattern, similar for papillary microcarcinomas and clinically manifested PC, with or without distant metastases. We noted positive CK19 expression with the same staining intensity in both early-stage and advanced-stage with aggressive clinical behavior PC.

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Figure 3. Table 4 7 Figure 4. Classic papillary carcinoma Ki positive immunoreactions.

[Differentiated thyroid cancer--peculiar morphological and clinical forms].

P53 protein P53 protein was expressed in two of 26 cases 7. Table 2 The results of statistical analysis using the unpaired T test were not significant for any of the compared pairs. Figure 5. Expression of Ki, p53 and CK19 in the studied lesions.

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Cytokeratin 19, a high molecular weight citokeratin, is a sensitive but papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant specific marker of thyroid PC, with a high sensitivity for the classic variant and less useful in the diagnosis of follicular and oncocytic lesions with nuclear atypia.

However, positive CK19 expression observed in borderline lesions helps standing for the diagnosis of PC. On examined sections, positive CK19 immunoreactivity was characterized by a diffuse staining pattern membrane and cytoplasmic with an intense immunoreaction in tumor cells, papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant compared to normal follicular epithelium, the number of CK-positive tumor cells and the intensity of immunostaining being variable from case to case.

Yagi Y et al. Kragsterman et al. P53 is a tumor suppressor gene localized on chromosome 17p Ki is a nuclear protein expressed by cells in proliferative phases G1,G2 M and S, being papillary thyroid cancer follicular variant that there is a correlation between Ki immunoreaction and mitotic activity.