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Parazitii mesaj pt europa. Caută continutul care te interesează!


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    I think parazitii mesaj pt europa mistaking us for someone else! N-avem 7 frati acasa We don't have 7 brothers at home Mama chiar nu parazitii mesaj pt europa bolnava Our mother really isn't sick Tata si-a beut rapid cafeaua Our father drank his coffee fast Si-a plecat la munca-n graba And left for work in a hurry Facem facultati si dam parazitii mesaj pt europa carti ultimu ban We parazitii mesaj pt europa to universities and we spend our last penny on books N-o sa fim vreodata gunoieri la Amsterdam We won't ever be ashmen in Amsterdam Vorbim 3 limbi si va putem conduce avioanele We speak three languages and we can steer your planes Parazitii mesaj pt europa nu putem in p I am harmless, but my thought is a killer Timpul s-a scurs pentru aceasta prezentare, la final paraziti u telu sa precizam ca Romania e o tara in Africa noi traim in gauri insalubre sub pamant, suntem canibali, vanam sobolani cu arcu', n-avem masini ca ne deplasam prin copaci vopsiti in galben si toate constructiile pe care le puteti admira daca alegeti sa faceti o excursie pe aceste meleaguri au fost construite de o civlizatie superioara cu care noi nu avem nici o legatura Va Multumïm!!

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    The tme for this presentation has elapsed, in the end we have to say that Romania is a country in Africa, we live in dirty holes underground, we are canibals, we bow hunt rats, we don't have cars because we get around on yellow painted trees and all the buildings you can admire if you choose to have a trip around here, were built by a superior civilisation we have nothing to do with Thank you!