Aprecierea complexă a factorilor ce influenţează asupra metastazării cancerului endometrial

Endometrial cancer lymph nodes. [Lymph node dissection in endometrial cancer].


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    The extent and type of surgery often depends on the result of such examinations. Frozen section evaluation is primarily performed to confirm the presence and histologic type of malignancy, as well as to determine the adequacy of resection by examining the surgical margins. Frozen sections are accurate for clinical use during gynecologic surgery, with low false negative rate and lower false positive rate.

    endometrial cancer lymph nodes

    endometrial cancer lymph nodes The accuracy in general surgical practice is reported to vary from In such instances, it is endometrial cancer lymph nodes to defer the diagnosis until additional examination is feasible. Each organ will be considered separately, since intraoperative consultation plays a different role in each part of the genital tract. Indications on how to handle and gross different specimens will only be considered in as much as it relates to frozen section and gross consultation carried within the frozen section laboratory.

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    The perspectives provided will also be valuable to gynecology oncology surgeons and their trainees who may appreciate this for their practice and for their boards. Contents Preface.