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Cancer abdominal lining

I had plans, things were getting worse and the road that was shown to me was one to a better future, until the moment my nightmare began In The tumor was a malignant one and there was a cancer abdominal lining that it would become worse, and the next day, in I did immediately, after leaving the hospital, treatment with chemotherapy, one terrible, twice a month a chemo session costs cancer abdominal liningand two months away I did the mess of cancer abdominal lining having the counter-Nature - Surgical merge of the digestive tube cancer abdominal lining the previous abdominal wall.

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Another 6 days of nightmare followed, no one was operating on me, thinking I had no chance at life. Surgery succeeded and continued chemo.

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The diagnosis, a cruel one - grade 4 Cancer Advanced with multiple metastases to lymph, bones, lymph nodes. Inthe counter-Nature was closed the surgical merge of the digestive tube to the previous abdominal walland we continue chemo In Januarymy second ovary was extracted, affected by cancer.

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After the surgery, the left kidney was blocked, three surgery for the removal was followed, for the test of the desfundării, without a positive result, and in may came the surgery where the left kidney had to be removed, unable to save.

Financial problems have kept me from being able to continue health investigations.

cancer abdominal lining

Two months ago I did the last tests where it was discovered that lymph nodes also affect my remaining kidney and spine. Monthly Treatment is euros, only chemo, post-chemo treatment is also around euros, plus the diet specific to people suffering from this disease.

The oncologist recommends that I do chemo for at least one year as time, twice a month. I hope the nightmare ends as soon as possible, it is very difficult and I ask for your help on this path. Every man deserves a chance at life.

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Thank you in advance. Donations can also be made directly through bank transfer in the following bank accounts: Ron Account iban cancer abdominal lining :.