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Peritoneal cancer surgery


    Nicolae Bacalbasa, Simona Dima, Vladislav Brasoveanu, Leonard Peritoneal cancer surgery, Irina Balescu, Raluca Purnichescu-Purtan and Irinel Popescu Rezumat: Abstract Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate whether hepatic resections of ovarian cancer liver metastases peritoneal cancer surgery a benefit in terms of survival as part of primary, secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary cytoreductive surgery. Methods: Data of patients submitted to surgery for ovarian cancer liver metastases at Fundeni Clinical Institute between January and April were retrospectively reviewed.

    Liver lesions were classified according to their origin in parenchymal and peritoneal lesions. Results: A total of 31 patients were identified: 11 of them underwent liver resection as part of primary cytoreduction, 15 at secondary cytoreduction, 3 at tertiary cytoreduction, and 2 at the time of quaternary cytoreduction.

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    The survival of patients with primary cytoreduction including peritoneal cancer surgery resection was significantly higher compared with that of patients with secondary cytoreductive surgery including liver resection The median survival of patients with hepatectomy for liver metastases from peritoneal seeding was higher than peritoneal cancer surgery of patients with hepatectomy for liver metastases from hematogenous origin Conclusions: Hepatectomy in ovarian cancer liver metastases is a safe and effective procedure; however, a benefit in terms of survival in favor of peritoneal seeding has been systematically observed.