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Colorectal cancer 5 year survival rates


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    Combined surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy colorectal cancer 5 year survival rates survival, but the side effects and the colorectal cancer 5 year survival rates performance status of the patients seriously affect the use of these methods. Isorel is aqueous extract well known for its anticancer effects obtained by various in vitro and in vivo experimental models and which was validated by an in vitro bioassay on murine melanoma B16F10 and human cervical carcinoma HeLa cells.

    Hence, it was further used in a prospective, randomized, and controlled study which compared the postoperative results for patients with colorectal cancer stages Dukes C 40 patients and D 24 patients who, beside surgery, received either only chemotherapy 5-FU6 cycles either the Mayo or the De Gramont protocol colorectal cancer 5 year survival rates chemotherapy combined with Isorel biotherapy.

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    We noted no toxic deaths due to either chemo or biotherapy. The patients operated on and treated with chemo and biotherapy had median survival significantly better and a cumulative proportion survival Kaplan-Maier superior to those of the patients receiving only postoperative chemotherapy. Thus, colorectal cancer patients seem to benefit in terms of survival from combined postoperative chemotherapy and Isorel biotherapy, either adjuvant or palliative.

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