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Hpv virus pregnancy


    hpv virus pregnancy

    Neonatal infections still are in an era of impo- sing medical achievements like in vitro fertilisation assisted human reproduction technology and the survival of foetuses of lower and lower gestational ages and hpv virus pregnancy weights major causes of hpv virus pregnancy morbidity and mortality.

    Acknowledging the risk factors for the perinatal infections between 22 weeks of gestation or days of pregnancy and day 7 after birth W. Both medical factors, like the mothers precari- hpv virus pregnancy health state, often with untreated infections, and social-cultural factors, like the lack of medical surveillance of the pregnancies, are indirectly con- tributing factors to the morbidity and mortality through perinatal infections.

    hpv virus pregnancy

    It is a widely known fact that medical science can improve the mother- child health status only when hpv virus pregnancy by an ef- fective program of social actions 2.

    The correct management of the pregnancy with infectious hazards, early diagnosis and treatment of maternal infections can diminish the incidence and ameliorate the outcome of perinatal infections. In Romania, the consequences of drug abuse during pregnancy for the newborn have been re- ported for the rst time in a written paper in the year Retrospective study on newborns from Hpv virus pregnancy Emergency Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Gh Polizu, Bucharest, sorted in two separate groups: one of 25 newborns, from tocoming from uninvestigated pregnancies in women with illicit drug addictions and another of 50 newborns from properly managed pregnancies from the clinical and anamnestic point of view, but with known risk factors for perinatal infections.

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    For hpv virus pregnancy group of newborns with risk factors for perinatal infections coming from investigated preg- nancies we have selected some of the cases hpv virus pregnancy included in a prospective study realised during with The National Institute for Research and Development in Microbiology and Immunolo- gy Cantacuzino, Bucharest. To detect the Group B Streptococcus Streptococ- cus agalactiae vaginal samples were taken from the inferior third during week and the lochia were tested after delivery.

    The data has been statistically analysed correla- tion tests: Student T, Fisher exact, chi-square.

    hpv virus pregnancy

    The illicit drugs were in the vast majority of in- tra-venous type, fact that was alone a risk factor for perinatal infections, in addition to the overlooking of preventive measures for sexually transmitted diseases.

    Medical monitoring during pregnancy was widely absent in the group of drug addicted mothers.

    hpv virus pregnancy

    In addition to medical issues many of them also had psycho-social difculties: psychosis 2 casesat- tempted suicide 2 casespenal detention 1 casedecease 1 case and child abandonment 6 cases.