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Aggressive cancer means. Traducere "foarte agresiva" în engleză

aggressive cancer means

About Sper sa ma puteti ajuta in situatia aceasta destul de dificila. Numele meu este Veronica si am 42 de ani ,locuiesc in Londra impreuna cu fiul meu de sase ani. Pe data de 30 iunie am fost diagnosticata cu cancer inflamator la sanul stang de gradul trei left inflammatory breast Cancer with nodal involvement.

aggressive cancer means cancerul pulmonar definitie

Nu stiu daca va puteti imagina ce am simtit si cum a derulat viata mea de atunci si pana astazi cand scriu acest mesajdar nu mi am imaginat ca voi trece prin asa ceva. Am inceput sa umblu pe la cati medici am reusit medicina traditionala si alternativa am cautat informatie din cat mai multe surse am gasit, am intrebat prieteni, familia, colegi, sa incerc sa inteleg ce sa decid sa fac. Mi s-a recomandat sa fac chimioterapie aggressive cancer means asta este o varianta despre care stiu ca-mi otraveste corpul si ca daca nu reusesc sa omor cancerul cu tratamentul asta raman cu un corp slabit, cu un sitem imunitar terminat care nu ma va ajuta sa lupt, pe cat se poate cu cancerul.

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Cu toate acestea, dupa ce si medicul de medicina alternativa mi-a subliniat ca forma de cancer de care sufar este foarte agresiva si rara iar pentru a avea sanse sa ma vindec este nevoie de chimioterapie si de tratament alternativ dupa care am decis sa fac primul pas si sa fiu de accord sa mi se administreze prima tura de chimioterapie substante care intrerup pentru o perioada alimentarea tumorii.

Din pacate desi trebuia sa fie o interventie in urma careia sa nu am foarte multe probleme eu am facut o reactie severa la substantele aggressive cancer means papillomavirus humain famille am ramas cinci zile in spital desi initial mi se spusese ca voi putea pleca acasa. Experienta asta ma convinge si mai mult ca ar trebui sa renunt la chimioterapie care pare ca ma aggressive cancer means la fel de mult ca si tumoarea in sine si sa apelez la cat mai multe tratamente si terapii alternative care mi le permit financiar.

aggressive cancer means

aggressive cancer means

Dupa cum probabil stiti chimioterapia este absolut gratuita pentru mine costurile fiind acoperite de sistemul de sanatate dar daca sunt nevoita sa apelez la alte tratamente alternative acestea trebuiesc platite integral de mine. Din acest motiv am nevoie de ajutorul vostru financiar atat cat puteti sa rupeti din bugetele voastreca sa pot adauga procente la sansa mea de a putea trece peste momentul acesta.

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See more I hope you can help me in this difficult situation. I don't know if you can imagine what I felt and how my life has been going from then to today when I'm writing this message, but I never imagined I would go aggressive cancer means this I started walking around how many doctors I managed traditional medicine and alternative I have I searched for information from as many sources as I found, I asked friends, family, colleagues, to try to I understand what aggressive cancer means decide to do.

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I was recommended to do aggressive cancer means but this is a version I know is poisoning my body and that if i fail to kill cancer with this treatment I remain with a weak body, with a finished immune system that will not help me fight As much as cancer can be. However, after the alternative medicine doctor also stressed me as the form The Cancer Aggressive cancer means suffer from is very aggressive and rare and to have a chance to heal it takes chemo and alternative hpv carcinoma in situ after which I decided to take the first step and agree to receive the first round of chemo substances that interrupt For a while feeding the tumor.

Unfortunately, although there had to be an intervention that I don't have a lot of problems I have I had a severe reaction to the drugs and I aggressive cancer means in the hospital for five days, although I was initially told I could go home.

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This experience convinces me even more that I should give up aggressive cancer means that seems to me It affects as much as the tumor itself and to use as many alternative treatments and treatments that allow me financially. As you probably know chemo is absolutely free for me the costs being covered by The Health system but if i have to use other alternative treatments these They must be paid in full by me. This is where my financial funds that I had and my survival became a strictly "I have money to survive" thing.

This is why Aggressive cancer means need your financial help as much as you can break from your budgets, So I can add percentages to my chance to get through this moment. See more Translated ·.

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