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    Gradually his world slowed down and his ability to walk, care for himself, and interact with his surroundings was severely impaired. It took a long time for him to speak and articulate his words. Neal also experienced significant anxiety.

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    When observed, he often just had a blank stare on his face. He was unable to stand up from a chair without significant help.

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    He was unable to write even his name. His condition had become so critical that he was close to having to transfer to a nursing facility.

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    Lifting his feet was an enormous challenge. It took him 30 minutes breast cancer abdominal fat traverse 30 yards from the entrance of the building to the Blu Breast cancer abdominal fat.

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    He was also started on nutritional supplementation in addition to his twice-a-week Blu Room sessions. He was able to walk faster.

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    Previously, he was unable to maneuver his walker to turn in a new direction and would stay frozen in one place. Now, he is able to pick up his walker, turn around briskly, and walk down the hallway by himself.

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    His cognition improved and he is able to speak better. Neal started writing his own progress notes at his Blu Room sessions. He was having conversations with others, and had a present twinkle in his eyes.

    From the beginning of the Blu Room program — and even more so when the Hz audio tone of Divine Healing was added — Neal noted more exhilaration after his sessions. Both his mental and visual acuity became clearer.

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    He began to eat more, was physically getting stronger, and felt he was more present in the moment. During Blu Room sessions, Neal had experiences of seeing fields of brilliant flowers and having a Lightness of Being, which was breast cancer abdominal fat meaningful to him. He was becoming more enthusiastic. On his daily progress sheets, Neal would note how wonderful he felt.

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    Sometimes things get challenging, but Neal does not give scabia la om. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD.