Pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor

Fundraiser has ended About Mihaela are 40 de ani si in ianuarie anul acesta, cu ocazia zilei de nastere, credea ca viata ii va aduce bucurii nebanuite: experiente noi la job, locuri noi de vizitat si de ce nu, poate un copil.

pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor papiloma virus no homem

Suferea de mai multe luni de dureri ingrozitoare de spate, pe care doctorii le-au tratat prin antiinflamatoare specifice. I s-a spus ca are vertebrele deplasate si alte minuni care nu aveau legatura cu realitatea.

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De fapt, tumora masiva de pe pancreas apasa pe coloana. Mihaela este cea mai mare iubitoare de viata pe care o cunosc, vesnic in cautare de raspunsuri, de vise si de cunoastere.

Viata Oanei este in mainile voastre, ajutati-o sa traiasca!

Nu stie cum sa stea locului. Considera ca orice eveniment din viata ei are un scop si infrunta mereu realitatea cu bucurie si curaj.

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Nu pune armele jos vreodata. Nu pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor sa o faca nici acum.

pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor

Dupa aflarea diagnosticului, Mihaela a I Intraductal papilloma atypical ductal hyperplasia din Bucuresti, acolo unde medicii au incercat sa inlature partea afectata din pancreas. In continuare, Mihaela a mers la o clinica de specialitate din Turcia, acolo unde medicii au decis ca este nevoie initial de 6 sedinte de chimioterapie.

Fiecare sedinta de chimioterapie costa aproximativ de euro, la care se adauga costurile biletelor de avion, costurile de cazare, costurile analizelor, costurile de montare a unei portcamere ce sa faciliteze efectuarea acestor sedinte.

Dupa finalizarea celor 6 sedinte de chimioterapie, Mihaela va trebui sa fie supusa unor sedinte de imunoterapie la aceeasi clinica din Turcia, in urma carora medicii vor decide daca va fi necesara o noua interventie chirurgicala.

Speranta noastra este aceea ca Mihaela se va face bine daca va urma tratamentele pe care medicii din Turcia le-au propus, insa pentru ca acest lucru sa devina posibil avem nevoie de ajutorul dumneavoastra. Orice suma de bani se poate traduce intr-o sansa pentru ca Mihaela sa pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor faca bine.

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Estimativ, costurile totale ale tratamentelor se ridica la Va rugam sa fiti alaturi de ea si sa ne ajutati in aceasta aventura in care nu ne-am dori sa fim, dar pe care trebuie sa o ducem la bun sfarsit cu optimism. English Mihaela is 40 years old and this year in January, on her birthday, she thought that life would bring her unexpected joy: new experiences at her workplace, new places to visit and, why not, maybe a child.

All these dreams were shattered this fall, when after a series of investigations, a pancreatic cancer with liver metastases was discovered. For several months Mihaela had suffered from terrible back pain, treated by the doctors with specific anti-inflammatory drugs. She was told that her vertebrae had shifted or received other diagnoses that were far from the truth.


Actually, the massive pancreatic tumor was pressing on the spine. I do not know any other person to love life as much as Mihaela. She is always looking for answers, dreams and knowledge. She is restless and considers that all that happens in her life has a purpose.

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She always confronts reality with joy and courage. Afterwards, Mihaela went to a specialized clinic in Turkey, where the doctors decided that she first needed 6 chemotherapy sessions.

Each chemotherapy session costs approximately Euro, not including the expenses with plane tickets, accommodation, medical tests and installing a chemo port to facilitate the sessions.

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After finishing the 6 chemotherapy sessions, Mihaela will have to undergo immunotherapy sessions at the same clinic in Turkey and after their conclusion, the doctors will decide if a new surgery is necessary. We hope that Mihaela will get well after undergoing the treatments planned by the doctors in Turkey, yet for this to be possible, we need your help.

Stages Of Pancreatic Cancer

Any amount of money translates into an opportunity for Mihaela to get well. The total treatment costs amount to approx. Please support her in this adventure that we did not wish to embark upon, yet which we need to follow with good thoughts.

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All this happened this fall, when following investigations, a pancreatic cancer with metastases to the liver. He had been suffering for several months of terrible back pain, which doctors treated with specific anti-inflammatory drugs.

Fii hotărât să suporți neplăcerile abstinenței! Simptom Ce este de făcut? Tuse Beți mai multe lichide apă și sucuri de fructe pentru a ameliora tusea. Umeziți-vă gura cu o înghițitură de apă. Consumați pastile de tuse doar dacă este nevoie și numai la recomandarea unui medic.

He was told that his vertebrae were moved and other wonders that were not related to reality. In fact, the massive tumor on the pancreas is pressing on the spine.

Mihaela is the greatest lover of life I know, forever in search of answers, dreams and knowledge.


He doesn't know how to stand still. She considers that every event in her life has a purpose and always faces pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor with joy and courage.

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Don't ever put your weapons down. We don't want him to do it now. After the diagnosis, mihaela was surgery twice at Dr.

Fundraiser has ended About Oana Maria Neagu are 29 de ani si este frumoasa, mereu zambitoare, dornica de viata, iar prietenii spun ca este o luptatoare.

Next, mihaela went to a specialty clinic in turkey, where doctors decided that 6 chemo sessions were needed initially.

Each chemo session costs approximately euros, plus the costs of flight tickets, accommodation costs, analyses costs, the costs of mounting an appointment to facilitate these sessions. After completing the 6 chemo sessions, mihaela will have to undergo immunotherapy sessions at the same clinic in turkey, following which doctors will decide if a new surgery will be needed.

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Our hope is that mihaela will get better if she follows the pancreatic cancer questions to ask your doctor that doctors in turkey have proposed, but in order to make this possible, we need your help. Any amount of money can translate in a chance for mihaela to get better.

Estimate, the total cost of treatments amounts to Please be with her and help us in this adventure that we do not want to be, but that we must complete with optimism. You can make donations directly to your personal account: Ro15 S V account in Ron Ro28brde S V account in euro Any share is useful!

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